“工程师”姆潘豆 —— 塔巴塔优秀员工记事"


“工程师”姆潘豆 —— 塔巴塔优秀员工记事"

"Engineer" Mpendu - Tabata Outstanding Employee profile

      MPENDU ATHUMAN 是塔巴塔的一名销售经理,他稳重细心,在他加入泽世的四年中,从勉强有订单的末位销售员逐步成长为年度销售十几万米的销售经理,他的业务主要涵盖当地政府、学校等。每次我叫他“工程师姆潘豆”,他就兴奋地说他又知道哪要建学校了。作为一名坦桑尼亚穆斯林,姆潘豆还有一个“小目标”,就是赚很多钱“娶四个妻子”。

      MPENDU ATHUMAN is a sales manager of Herocean Tabata. He is prudent and careful. In the four years he joined Herocean, he gradually grew from a bottom salesman with few orders to the sales manager with annual sales of more than 100,000 meters. Every time I call him "Engineer Mpendu," he excitedly says he knows where to build a school again. As a Muslim in Tanzania, Mpendu also has a "small goal" of making a lot of money to “marry four wives”.



Love work and pay attention to details


       I remember the first time I worked with him, he took me to the purchasing department of Dar es Salaam Municipal Government to discuss the project order. As soon as we sat down, he suddenly become talktive. Like a tool man, I stayed with him until nearly three o 'clock before having lunch.



       Not only that Mpendu is good at communicate, I was also impressed by his patience in the days that followed. Mpendu was never absent from every detail of the project order process, and the most he could find in his mobile phone album were pictures of his project. Every time you ask him about it, he can talk for hours about construction, environment and expectations. In the process of following up the project, he does not stop the collection of new ideas. I remember one time when we were on our way to visit the government, he immediately stopped the car and calmly approached workers to visit a private house that was just rising from the wall. Perhaps it’s a form of confidence, Mpendu managed to land the order with what I thought was an arrogant sales pitch.


Work steadily and carefully



       Project orders take long time and require complex details. Mpendu patiently checks every detail. Once the government school project complained that the tiles had quality problems and refused to pay the rest of the payment, Mpendu very gentlemanly gave the delivery driver's handwritten receipt, and then provided the production and loading videos, as well as the inspection report he sent to TBS at his own expense, and he even had the construction site pictures. In the face of a series of evidence, the other party paid the rest of the payment and praised Mpendu for being serious and responsible


Be grateful and try to fit in another culture



       Mpendu is very grateful to China. Every time he takes me to meet the local government, he solemnly introduces that I come from China and Chinese people bring good products to Tanzania.

       慢慢熟悉之后,姆潘豆开始把每次打招呼变成“你好 ”,并让我教给他中文。可他蹩脚的口音每次都让我忍俊不禁。

       As we got used to each other, Mpendu began to change every greeting into a "Nihao" and asked me to teach him Chinese. But his awkward accent always makes me laugh.



        With his own untiring efforts, Mpendu has become an integral part of the local team. He is diligent, practical and actively involved in the group, and has made a significant contribution to the group in his own post. There are many more excellent local employees like Mpendu in Herocean. Here I wish them to make persistent efforts and blossom more beautiful brilliance in Herocean!